General terms and conditions

1. Basic terms

1.1 A bet - is an agreement about the winning  made between a client and a sportsbook company according to the established rules, meanwhile the outcome of the given agreement depends  on the event in respect of which it's unknown whether it will be or not. The acceptance of the bets from the clients proceeds on the conditions offered by the sportsbook company.

1.2 An outcome - is the result of the event (events) on which the bet was placed.

1.3 A client - is a person placing a bet in the sportsbook company on the outcome of the event.

1.4 A line - is a set of events, possible outcomes of these events, odds on the possible outcomes of these events, their date and time after which the sportsbook company stops the acceptance of the bets on the outcomes of the given events.

1.5  Cancel of a bet - an event, on which calculation and payment are not made. In case of the "cancel of a bet" according to the conditions of the given Agreement a deal between the organizer and a client is considered to be lost and on the bet the refund is made.

1.6 The main time of the match - it is the duration of the match in accordance with the rules of the competition holding on the given sport including the added by the arbiter time. The main time of the match does not include extra time, overtimes, penalties and bullets and etc.

1.7 All the bets are counted on the basis of the information given by the processing center.

1.8 In calculating of the winning the participant of the bet must check the correctness of the calculated one and in case of disagreement on this topic he must inform the sportsbook company about it, specifiing in the letter the account number, date, time, event, sum, chosen outcome of the event, an odd, and the reasons of disagreement on the calculated winning. All the claim letters on the calculated winnings are accepted during 10 (ten) days.

1.9 The bet, placed by the client on the definite outcome of the event is considered to be winning if all the outcomes specified in this bet are predicted correctly.

1.10 The conditions of the bets' acceptance (odds, bisques, totals, restrictions on the maximum of a bet and etc) can be changed after any bet, at the same moment the conditions of the earlier placed bets stay unchanged. Before making the agreement the client must clarify all the changes of the current line.

1.11The bets placed on the events  which outcome is known at the moment of the bet can be counted with the odd equal to "1". 

1.12 In accordance with the given Agreement in case of disagreement between the client (a participant of the Agreement)  and the booksports company on the issues related to the execution and implementation of the recent agreement  about the winning between the client (a participant of the Agreement) and the booksports company , including the topics about winning withdrawal, outcomes of the events, winning's odds, itopics of the other significant conditions of the recent Agreement, and on the issues about admitting the Agreement to be not concluded or invalid, the parties establish obligatory pre-action settlement of the emerged disagreement (pre-trial procedures).

1.13 The claim is made during 10 (ten) days from a day when the person has known or must have known about the violation of his right. There must be attached all the arguments and facts confirming and proving the asserted demands in the claim. In case of the absense of the sufficient for justification demands specified in the claim, the claim is to be send back without consideration. 

1.14 In case of the mistakes made by the staff on the bets' acceptance (evident misprints in the provided list of the events, discordance of the odds in the line and the bet and etc), on the derogation from the given  rules while accepting the bets, and on another reasons confirming inaccuracy of the bets, the sportsbook company reserves the right to claim these bets invalid on such conditions. The payment on these bets is made with the odd "1". 

1.15 In the event of suspicion of non-sport manner of matches the company has right to block the bets for a sport event till the final conclusion of the international organization and to admit the bets to be invalid in case of the determining the fact of non-sport contest.  The payment on these bets is made with the odd "1".  The administration is not obliged to provide the participants of the bet with the arguments and conclusion.

1.16. If there is an obvious error in our odds, then this bet will be calculated in accordance with the final result of the current odd corresponding to this market.

1.17. The sportbook company does not accept applications regarding differences in transliteration (translation with foreign languages) of the names of the teams, the surnames of the players, the venues of the competitions. All information given in the name of the tournament is auxiliary. Possible errors in this information are not grounds for a refund.

1.18. The company reserves the right to close the gaming account and cancel all bets made on this account if  the participant of the bet at the time of betting had information about the result of events. At the same time, the administration of a sportsbook company is not obliged to  to provide the participants of the bet with the arguments and conclusion.

2. Basic rules for accepting bets

2.1. The sportsbook company has the right to limit the maximum bet, the odds for individual events, as well as limit or increase the maximum bet, the odds of a definite client without notice and explanation.

2.2. Receiving of the repeated bets on one outcome or a combination of outcomes from a player can be limited by the decision of the sportsbook company.

2.3. A bet is considered to be accepted after its registration on the server and the online confirmation is issued. Registered bets are not subject to cancellation or correction.

2.4. Rates are accepted only in the amount not exceeding the current balance on the client's account. After registering a bet, the amount of the bet is taken from the account. After calculating the bets, the winning amount is sent into the client's account.

2.5. Bets are accepted before the start of the event; The date, start time of events and comments related to them, specified in the line are indicative. In case of any reasons the bet is made after the actual start of the event, the bet is considered invalid. The exception is for bets on live events, i.e. betting during the match. Such bets are considered to be valid until the end of the match.

2.6. LINE and LIVE bets cannot be edited or deleted, except special cases provided for by these rules.

2.7. If the bet is subject to cancellation, then in case of the single bet the refund is made. In express  when canceling a bet on one or several events, the calculation of the winnings for these events is not done.

2.8. In cases of incorrectly calculated bets (for example, due to specified results by mistake), such bets are recalculated. In this case, the bets made between the mistaken calculation and recalculation are considered to be valid. If after recalculation the player’s balance turned out to be negative, he cannot make bets until he refills in his account.

2.9. All sports events will be considered to be postponed and canceled only if there is information from official documents of organizations conducting sports competitions, official websites of sports federations, websites of sports clubs and other sources of sports information, and on the basis of these data, sports events specified in the line are corrected.

2.10. The bet is subject to cancellation if the client deliberately misled the staff (employees of the sportsbook company), giving them false information and requirements for accepting bets, paying winnings, the result of an event and other information and requirements of such a nature. The above cases also apply to minors under the age of 18, as well as their parents.

2.11. The bet is  subject to be canceled if the bet is made on a known outcome (an event occurred, but the result was not updated in the system).

3. Types of bets

3.1. Single - bet on a separate outcome of the event. Winning at a single bet is equal to the product of the bet amount and the odd established for this outcome.

3.2. Accumulator - bet on several independent outcomes of events. The accumulator win is equal to the product of the bet amount and the odd of all outcomes included in the accumulator. Losing one of the outcomes of the accumulator means losing the whole accumulator.

4. Restrictions on the inclusion of some event outcomes

4.1. Only one of the dependent outcomes can be included in the express. In  case of the inclusion in one express of two or more dependent events, the events with the smallest odd are excluded from this express.

4.2. Dependent outcomes (interdependent events) - the result of one part of the bet affects the result of another part.

4.3. Bets on events “The team will score a penalty Yes / No” are considered to be losing if no penalty has been awarded in the main game time.

4.4. Bets on the events “How a goal will be scored”, “Next goal” are considered to be losing if the goal whose number is specified in the bet has not been scored.

5. Acceptance of the bets during the match (live bets)

5.1. Live bets are accepted on main and additional outcomes. You can make single live-bets and combine them into one express.

5.2. The bet is considered to be accepted after registration on the server and online confirmation. The accepted bet is not subject to change. In the event of the circumstances specified in the section “Basic rules for bets' acceptance”, it is possible to calculate a live bet with a bet of “1”.

5.3. The sportsbook company is not responsible for inaccuracies in the current results of matches and the display of the names of athletes and the names of teams for which live bets are accepted. Clients must also use other independent sources of information.

5.4. Live bets are not editable or deleted.

6. Results of matches, the date and time of their start, the procedure for solving controversial issues

6.1. The calculation of the bets may be revised due to an incorrect result provided by the bookmaker.

6.2. When calculating the bets the actual start time of events is taken into account, which is tentatively determined on the basis of official documents of organizations holding sports competitions, and if there are no such approved documents, then on the basis of official websites of sports federations, websites of sports clubs and other sports information sources.

6.3. The sportsbook company is not responsible for the discordance of date and time with the actual beginning of events. The date and time of the beginning of the event specified in the line are indicative. When calculating the bets the actual start time of the event is taken, which is determined on the basis of official documents of the organization holding the competition.

6.4. The bookmaker company is not responsible for discordance in the name of the championships, the duration of matches (sports events). The data specified in the line  and live are indicative. Clients need to use other independent sources of information to clarify data on a sports event.

6.5. Claims on the result of the event are accepted during 10 calendar days from the end of the event if there are official documents on the result of the event of the organization holding the competition.

6.6. Bets made after the start of the event are calculated with an odd of “1” (with the exception of live bets); there is the odd for such bets is considered to be equal to “1”.

6.7. If the client has placed a bet on an event, the result of which was known to him, such a bet is subject to be cancelled. In this case, the decision of the sportsbook company is made after a special closed investigation. All actions regarding this bet are temporarily stopped.

6.8. If a participant refuses to fight before the start of the event, then all bets on this participant are canceled.

6.9. If a participant for any reason (injury, refusal, etc.) retires during the competition, all bets made before the start of the last round or stage of the competition in which he participated are considered to be valid, and the remaining bets are canceled.

6.10. If the participant, team member (football player, hockey player, basketball player, etc.) did not participate in the match, the odd of the winning on the bets on him is equal to 1, if nothing else was negotiated.

6.11. If  the refusal (disqualification) occurred before the start of the tennis match, the winning odd on bets is assumed to be “1”, except for bets on the result of the participant in the competition. If the tennis match is interrupted, not completed on the same day and postponed, the bets on it remain until the end of the tournament, in which this match was held, until the match is finished or one of the participants fails.

6.12. If one pair of participants (teams, athletes) is specified in the event (match, comparison or fight), and then the composition of the pair changes, then all bets on this event are canceled.

6.13. In team competitions, when replacing one or more participants of any team for any reason, the bets on the outcome of the entire match remain in force.

6.14. In doubles matches, if the composition of the pairs is indicated, if at least one of the participants is replaced, the odds will be equal to “1”; if the composition is not specified, the bets remain valid.

6.15. In competitions, where the terms “hosts” and “guests” are used, in case of a transfer of an event: to a neutral field - the bets remain valid; to the field of the opposing team, the bets remain valid.

6.16. If the terms of “hosts” and “guests” are not applicable to an event (for example, in single and pair sports), then in case of the change of the location of the event, all bets on it remain valid.

6.17. Teams NBA, NHL, AHL, CHL, OHL, WHL, Hockey League East Coast of North America can be placed both in direct sequence (the hosts - guests), and in reverse. In the case of a reverse arrangement, no refund will be made.

6.18. In friendly matches, club friendly tournaments, in case of change the location of the event, all bets on it remain valid.

6.19. Sports or situations for which there is no separate description of the features of the acceptance and calculation of bets, submit to the Basic rules.

6.20. In controversial situations that have no precedent, the final decision is made by the sportsbook company.

6.21. In case of inconsistency of data from various sources of information (date, time, result, team name), the sportsbook company stops payment of the win until the authenticity of such information is fully investigated. If the result of the completed event, presented on the official website, differs from the television broadcast data, the Company reserves the right to make calculations based on the television broadcast data.

6.22. In case of detection of a mistake in the program for deriving odds and admitting this mistake by the company, all made bets on these events are considered to be winning and the payment on bets is made with a winning odd equal to "1".

7. Parties

7.1. All points of the Agreement, including the pronouns “we”, “us”, “our” or “Company”, refer to the Company with which the client makes the agreement, in accordance with point 1 above.

8. Conditions change

8.1. For several reasons, namely: commercial, legal, as well as for reasons related to customer service, we have the right to make any changes to the Agreement. The actual points of the Agreement and the dates of their entry into force are  on the Website. The client is personally responsible for acquaintance with the current Agreement. The Company has the right to make changes to the operation of the Website at any time and without first informing the Customers.

8.2. In case of disagreement with the amended points of the Agreement, the Client must stop using the Website. Further use of the website after the entry into force of the amended points of the Agreement will be regarded as its full acceptance, regardless of whether the client received a notification or learned about the changes from the updated Agreement.

9. Claim

9.1. People who have not attained 18 years of age or age (further -  Acceptable Age), which is mandatory for legal participation in gambling under the laws of a particular jurisdiction, are prohibited to use the Internet website. The use of the Website by people under the Acceptable Age is a direct violation of the Agreement. In this regard, we have the right to request documents that can confirm the age of the Client. The client may be denied in the provision of services, and his account may be temporarily stopped if, at our request no evidence will be given confirming that the age of the client corresponds to the Acceptable one.

9.2. Online gambling is prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. By accepting the Agreement, the Client realizes that the Company cannot provide guarantees or legal advice regarding the legitimacy of using the Website in the territory of the jurisdiction where the Client is located. We cannot argue that the services of the Internet site do not violate the laws of the Client’s jurisdiction. The client uses the services of the website at his own request, and assumes full responsibility, well aware of all possible risks.

9.3. We do not seek and intend to provide the Client with services that violate the laws of his jurisdiction. By accepting the Agreement, the Client acknowledges and warrants that the use of the Website complies with the laws and regulations in force in its territory. We are not responsible for the illegal use of the services of the Internet site.

9.4. For legal reasons, we do not accept Clients from the following countries:

9.4.1. The absolute limit applies to the USA, Canada, the UK, Spain, France and Italy. People residing or staying in these countries are not allowed to open accounts or deposit funds on the Internet site. Changes are possible in the list of jurisdictions, and they can be made by the Company without prior notice to Clients. You agree that you will not open an account or transfer funds to it being on the territory of one of the above jurisdictions.

9.4.2. Black list. In addition to clause 9.4.1, all NetEnt games are banned in the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Laos, Miyanma, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal and Romania .

9.4.3. Branded gaming areas. Guns & Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead are not served in the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Albania, Angola, Gabon, Gondung, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Iran, Kuwait, Laos, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, Panama, Papua New. Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United States of America , Azerbaijan, China, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine. Games "universal monsters" (Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, Curse of the Phantom, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Invisible Man), are served only in the following countries: Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Georgia, Iceland, Liechtenstein , Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Peru Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden and.

9.4.4. United Jackpot Territories are not served in the following countries: Australia, Azerbaijan, China, Denmark, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE and Ukraine.

9.5. Bets are not accepted:

9.5.1. from the people who are participants of the events for which bets are placed (sportsmen, coaches, judges, owners or functionaries of clubs and other people who have the opportunity to influence the outcome of the event), as well as for people acting on their instructions;

9.5.2. from people representing the interests of other sportsbook;

9.5.3. other people whose participation in the agreement with the sportsbook company is prohibited by applicable law.

9.6. Responsibility for violation of the point 9.5 of this Agreement bears the participant of the bet. In case of violation of this Agreement, the Sportsbook Company reserves the right to refuse to pay any winnings or to return the amounts paid as well as to cancel any bets. The sportsbook company does not bear any responsibility as to when exactly it has been known that the client belongs to one of the listed categories of people. This means that the sportsbook company has the right to take these measures at any time after it becomes known that the client is one of the designated people.

10. Account opening

10.1. In order to gain access to all the basic services of the Internet site, it is necessary to open an account. To do this, the Client can register in “1 click” or specify his e-mail address and create a password, which later will be used to log in to the gaming account, as well as additionally need to specify personal data: name, phone number and date of birth.

10.2. To confirm the accuracy of the information, the Company has the right to request documents proving the identity of the Clients. If for any reason the Client cannot provide the requested documents in order to identify him, the Company has the right to stop or block the Client’s account until he provides the necessary information.

10.3. The Client confirms that when registering on the Internet site, he has provided complete and reliable information about himself, and in case of any changes in it the Client undertakes to specify them immediately into his profile. Failure to comply with or ignore this rule may result in restrictions, stop or blocking of the account, as well as cancellation of payments.

10.4. In case of any questions or problems when registering on the Internet site, the Customer can contact the support service in the online chat

10.5. Each Client can open only one account on the Internet site. Other accounts opened by the Client will be considered to be duplicates. We have the right to close such accounts and:

10.5.1. recognize invalid all transactions carried out using a duplicate account;

10.5.2. not to return to the Clients all deposits and bets made from the main and duplicate account;

10.5.3. require the return of all winnings, bonuses and funds received using the backup account. The client is obliged to return them at our first request.

11. Proof of identity. Protection from money laundering 

11.1. By accepting this Agreement, the Client undertakes, agrees and guarantees that:

11.1.1. The client has already turned 18 years old or the number of years is sufficient to be considered an Acceptable age, which gives a legal right to participate in gambling without violating the current legislation of a particular jurisdiction;

11.1.2. The client is the full and legal owner of all funds in his account. All information provided by the Client is true, reliable, relevant and accurate;

11.1.3. The Client is fully aware that using the Website may lead to loss of funds, the Client assumes full responsibility for any possible losses. The client confirms that he uses the website at his own request, decision and at his own risk and peril. The client has no right to make any claims to the Company related to its losses and losses;

11.1.4. The client clearly understands the general principles, rules and procedures for the provision of services and the specifics of playing on the Internet. The client is aware that he is responsible for ensuring the correctness of data, bets and games. The Client agrees not to take actions and actions that could harm the Company's reputation.

11.2. By accepting the terms of the Agreement, the Client gives us the right to arrange periodic inspections (at our discretion or at the request of a third party, including authorized bodies) to confirm the identity of the Client and the accuracy of the specified information.

11.3. During the inspection period, the possibility of withdrawing funds from the Client’s account may be limited.

11.4. If during the verification the fact of falsity of the information provided is established, this will be regarded as a violation of the terms of the Agreement, which in turn gives us the right to close the Client’s account immediately or refuse the Client to use the services of the Internet website, in addition to other actions at our discretion .

11.5. If we are unable to confirm that the Client has reached the Acceptable Age, then we will have the right to stop the operation of the Client’s account. If the age of the Client was less than the Acceptable one at the time of participation in operations on the Internet site, then:

11.5.1. Client's account will be closed;

11.5.2. the funds of the account will be returned, and all monetary transactions made during this period will be declared invalid;

11.5.3. all bets placed during this period will be canceled and refunded;

11.5.4. The winnings received in the period when the Client’s age was less than the Acceptable one will be declared invalid. The client is obliged at our first request to return to us all the funds withdrawn from the gaming account.

12. Username, Password and Security

12.1. After opening an account on the Internet site, the Client is obliged to keep his password and username secret and not to disclose this information to the third parties. In case of loss of the data necessary for access to the account, you can find out or restore them by clicking the button “Recover password”.

12.2. The client is responsible for the safety of the password, as well as any actions and transactions made with his account. In addition, the Client is responsible for all losses incurred as a result of actions of a third party.

12.3. In case of breach of security and unauthorized access to the account, the Client must immediately notify the Company. If it is necessary, the Client must provide the Company with evidence that an unauthorized access did take place. The Company is not responsible for damage caused by the Client as a result of improper or careless use of a username and password by a third party or unauthorized access to the account.

13. Deposits, placement and withdrawal of funds from the account

13.1. In order to place a bet on the Internet website, the Client must deposit a certain amount of money in his account.

13.2. The client confirms and agrees that:

13.2.1. the funds deposited into the gaming account were not obtained illegally or prohibitedly;

13.2.2. will not refuse from made transactions, will not deny and cancel made payments , which may be a reason to return money to a third party and allow it to escape from legal responsibility.

13.3. We do not accept money from third parties: friends, relatives or partners. The Client is obliged to deposit funds only from his account, payment card or system registered on the name of the Client. In case of detection of facts of violation of this condition - all winnings may be confiscated.

13.4. In case of a bank transfer request for the return of funds to their rightful owner, all costs and commissions are paid by the recipient.

13.5. We do not accept payments in cash. We can use electronic payments, including payments and payouts to Clients, various organizations involved in processing electronic payments or financial institutions. Except for the cases when the terms and conditions of these institutions do not contradict the terms of the Agreement, the Client fully accepts such rules.

13.6. The client agrees not to refuse, annul or cancel transactions conducted with the participation of his account. In addition, in each of these cases, the Client is obliged to refund or compensate to the Company the amount of unallocated funds, including expenses that we may incur when collecting deposits from the Client.

13.7. We have the right to block the Client’s account, as well as to cancel payments and collect winnings if case of our suspicion that the account was refilled fraudulently. We have the right to inform the relevant authorities about fraudulent payments and illegal activities. We have the right to use the services of collection agencies to return payments. The company is not responsible for the unauthorized use of credit cards, regardless of whether they have been reported stolen or not.

13.8. We have the right to use the positive balance of the Client's account to repay the amount of money that the Client must compensate to the Company. In particular, in cases of repeated bets or betting, point 10 (“Collusion, misleading actions, fraud and criminal activity) or clause 13 (“ Errors and omissions ”).

13.9. The client is fully realizes of and accepts the fact that the gaming account is not a bank account. Therefore, in relation to it the methods of insurance, replenishment, guarantees and other methods of protection from the deposit insurance system and other insurance systems do not work. Interest is not assessed on the money in the gaming account.

13.10. The client has the right to submit a request to withdraw money from the account if:

13.10.1. all payments received on the account have been verified and none of them have been canceled or annuled;

13.10.2. verification activities were carried out properly.

13.11. When making an application for withdrawal of funds from the account it is important to consider the following points:

13.11.1. gaming profile must be completely filled. And also, if the Client was registered using the “In 1 Click” function, in his personal profile he needs to replace the email address;

13.11.2. if the amount requested for withdrawal exceeds the total amount of cash withdrawals in the amount of 1000 USD, then an identification procedure will be carried out without fail. For its implementation, the Client needs to send us a copy or a digital photograph of the document certifying the Client’s identity. When filling in your account with a credit card, you must send a copy of the image of both sides of the card. The first six and the last four numbers must be visible in the card number, CVV2 code can be covered.

13.11.3. A withdrawal of the amount less than 100 USD  to the client’s account takes from 1-60 minutes from the moment the application is submitted, with the exception of technical problems from the bank or the payment system.

13.11.4. Other delays of up to 3 working days are possible depending on the bank

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